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магазин спорта


магазин спорта
Artoriks Oy - Ice hockey - Basketball - Synchronized skating - Volleyball - Figure skating

About us

Serving sports industry: Rauno Arppe
Artoriks Oy has been founded in 2004 in Helsinki to serve international sports industry. The company’s fields of activity include for example event services, arranging training camps, tournaments and other sports events, consulting sports equipment and arranging coaching programs and seminars. Artoriks Oy can also help with getting sponsors for your team.

Year 2008 Artoriks Oy became a registered player agent and we are active on that field of activity too. The founder of the company has more than 30 years of experience from international sports cooperation around the world.

The company has been in cooperation with Russian, Kazakh, Belarusian, Estonian, Czech, Swedish and Finnish hockey, volleyball and basketball teams. The company’s principle is always to find the most competent educators, the best conditions, the most improving competitions and for players and coaches, the most suitable hockey clubs.

Training Camps

Sports events, camps

Camps for all

We organize training camps and tournaments in Russia for children, youth and veterans, as well as training sessions for coaches.

Sport events, trainin camps

Take time for planning

Careful preparation ensures a successful camp and tournament. Planning should start early, please contact us.

St. Petersburg

Culture and entertainment

The camp trip in St. Petersburg does not have to be a mere exercise. The city is bursting with cultural activities for adults, and it’s renovated circus will enchant all ages.

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Agent Services

Artoriks Oy Rauno Arppe begun the activity as a player agent in 2008 as a registered player agent. In January 2015 we wanted to create a new client base from young and ambitious players who are now playing from KHL to Finnish U18 junior league. We have also helped some of the best European coaches to get new challenges for their career.

Artoriks’ activity on the hockey cooperation between Finland and Russia has brought a large amount of contacts for example in KHL, VHL and Kazakhstan. We also speak Russian which makes it easy to communicate with teams in these leagues. Naturally Artoriks is also able contact any team in Finland.

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Other Services

Event travels

We will arrange the fan travels to European and World Championships of various sports, fan travels to KHL-matches as well as game trips for teams and trips to trade fairs.

Sport venues

Ask us if you are planning to build e.g. an indoor ice rink or a soccer stadium. We will help you to find the best experts of sports venue building.


Run out of equipment? We can offer you the wide range of hockey sticks and other hockey gear.

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Our Customers

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